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  • Aigang is DAO Insurance Protocol
  • Crowd-sourced insurance pools discovery
  • Earn rewards from prediction markets powered by DAO Smart contracts

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If you have APT tokens from pre-sale you can change them to AIX.

Aigang Protocol Layers

We aim to build a DAO Insurance Protocol on a blockchain which would enable community, companies, developers build insurance prediction markets and insurance products themselves, using our infrastructure. That’s how we see the future of blockchain insurance protocol.

Drone Insurance
Self driving car insurance
Insurance Products Marketplace
Smart home insurance
Device Integration API
Data Warehouse
Aigang Services
Insurance Development SDK
Prediction market
Aigang Protocol
Contributions to Insurance Pools

Proof-of-Concept Apps

Using data from the battery insurance smart contracts, proof of concept has been demonstrated for the insurance protocol and the workability of the platform. IoT and smart device data has been used to develop a working insurance product on the Testnet Ethereum environment, and has been implemented for iOS and Android apps.




Phase 1

MVP development v1.0 Ethereum blockchain smart contracts are written to control policy issuance, risk assessment and claim processing. A user interface exists for the insuree to manage all insured devices. Smart device-tracking software use cases are developed for issuing claims automatically. Blockchain environment: Ethereum Testnet Status: This work is completed and Proof-of-Concept Apps can be downloaded from iOS and Android App Stores.


Phase 2

MVP development v2.0. Ethereum blockchain smart contracts are updated to deliver prediction market functionality. The user interface allows stakeholders to operate and manage their portfolio of insurances underwritten. Back-end infrastructure is created for off-chain data collection and calculation.


Phase 3 - 2018 Q1

Alpha version release -

Public release includes the Aigang.Data Platform part with User management and Data set Upload functionality. This new release combines all 4 Aigang Platform parts (Aigang.Data, Aigang.Predictions, Aigang.Pools and Aigang.Insurance) and will be continually updated with new releases to allow stakeholders, underwriters, specialists, insurance enthusiasts and other people to participate in. Data sets from Aigang Proof-of-Concept Apps can be found, used and downloaded from Aigang.Data to build new Insurance risk models, and in Phase 4 to be uploaded to Aigang.Data as Insurance Risk Models. Continuing discussions with potential data suppliers for Aigang.Data.


Phase 4 - 2018 Q2

Alpha release - Aigang.Data and Aigang.Predictions (Light). New release for Aigang.Data Platform part with Insurance Risk Model upload functionality and social features. Integrating MetaMask to Platform for signing on-chain transactions to allow staking of AIX tokens in Aigang.Predictions part with next release. AIX token purchase functionality directly on Aigang Platform (using Bancor liquidity network). The first release of Aigang.Predictions smart contracts and UI - Light version of Prediction markets (First Proof-of-Concept prediction market for Insurance) using Aigang.Data insurance risk models (built internally or crowd-sourced). Blockchain environment: Ethereum Testnet. Status: Completion target is Q2, 2018


Phase 5 - 2018 Q3

Public Beta Release. Stable and functioning Aigang.Prediction markets smart contracts and Platform UI. Research and development for AIX token staking in Aigang.Prediction markets for new release. Data from data prodivers is integrated in Aigang.Data using API and can be used in insurance risk model crowd-sourcing. Blockchain environment: Ethereum Testnet. Status: Completion target is Q3, 2018


Phase 6 - 2018 Q4

Full Beta Release. The full scope of Insurance smart contracts on Testnet environment, governing and using all Aigang Platform parts - Aigang.Data (eg. claims validation), Aigang.Predictions (staking AIX tokens and earning rewards), Aigang.Pools (contribution to Insurance pools) and Aigang.Insurance (first live insurance contracts for IoT devices, digital assets or partners services based on Aigang Platform and Protocol). Blockchain environment: Ethereum Testnet Status: Expected target is Q4, 2018


Phase 7 - 2019 Q1

Mainnet Release. After successful roll-out of Aigang Platform and Protocol on Testnet environment, the use of AIX token for prediction market staking and creating new Insurance services and products is open for general and insurance audience. Research and development of integrating other blockchain based insurance products on Aigang.Insurance platform part. Blockchain environment: Ethereum Mainnet. Status: Expected target is Q1, 2019


Phase 8 - 2019 Q2

New Mainnet Release. Research on tokenized insurance risk pools and tokenized outcomes from Aigang.Prediction markets. Research and proof-of-concepts for machine learning, real-time pricing algorithm, analytical platform and tokenized insurance risk pools. Blockchain environment: Ethereum Mainnet. Status: Planned target is Q2, 2019


Aigang Network introduces the future of insurance for a new cutting-edge technology infrastructure, including drones, mobile batteries, and autonomous cars.


In the Ethereum Testnet, Aigang has deployed smart contracts that issue policies, conduct risk assessment, and process claims. They have also deployed smart contracts that perform insurance profit calculations, create reserves and tokenize the insurance risk pool. The protocol architecture can successfully integrate other insurance products.

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